About Us

      About Us     

Behind the QD's experience is an eclectic melting pot of ideas and expertise, of impassioned entrepreneurs. The brainchild of 2 innovative individuals giving it the kick start and later joined by 2 fresh brains bringing in the new exuberant ideas, helping QD's in achieving new heights.

At QD's we strive to create an experience as immersive and sensory, as delicious and mouthwatering that the heavenly culinary concoctions transport you into a delectable journey of mystery and desire. A taste that makes you long for more, coupled with environs which keep you glued to the experience forever.

QD's brings together a charming culinary experience with fast service and an atmosphere congenial for all age groups.

      Know the Directors     
Know the Directors
 Akhil Malik 

QD's happens to be the brainchild of this diminutive,hardworking hotel management grad who perfected his pedigree from Dubai hotels. He has been the driving force behind the QD's juggernaut. Clearly devising, defining & delivering each aspect of QD's Project at all levels. He walks, eats, sleeps QD's.....his knack for perfection has helped QD's to achieve unassailable heights in the crowded restaurant industry in a very short span of time.

 Mandeep Singh 

The man-machine who stands as the rock to solve all operation issues. He holds the most critical portfolio of quality assurance in a highly demanding atmosphere of the food industry. QD's have been known for it's awesome food quality and consistency. The big man runs from one kitchen to other and tastes the huge amount of food to ensure impeccable delivery on uncompromising food quality.

 Ravinder Singh 

The most experienced of the lot, the silent giant handles the huge backend operations of QD's conglomerate. The burgeoning task of acquiring and maintaining all the machinery is made to look simple by this skilled, multitasking, problem solving artist. He is the go-to man for all major issues. It's a rarity to find his phone available.....so fix an appointment if you intend to meet him.

 Prejesh Nair 

The dark horse amongst the lot takes care of the most critical part of the business. The front end Operations, vendors, accounts & finance. This hardworking young lad has defined his nomenclature by acquiring a coveted MBA degree from London. With a knack for fashion, style and panache to attract the best, he defines our daily front end operations with the gusto of a German precision. Keeping the ideology of customer first focus, he churns the midnight oil to deliver the best on all fronts. Catch him manning the waiting desk at any of our outlets. He is the face of our company.